Casino Types Comparison

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The modern gaming industry impresses with such a great variety of places to gamble and casino games to play. People are able to choose what best suits to their tastes and experience the wonderful gaming.

Land casinos

Traditional land casinos attract players from all over the world offering them real feelings from real gambling. Right after you enter the casino you feel the mixed of emotions, see the moments of joy and sadness, desperate and happy faces and as only you start playing you definitely feel the adrenaline rush going through your veins as you play for real money and try your luck and skills just like in blackjack online. The land casinos are the most intriguing places as you can experience all the aspects of gaming there.

Online casinos

Online casinos are the modern internet type of casino. It is highly important to find a trustworthy casino with powerful and reliable software providers that make the online gaming bright vivid and provide online players with state-of-the-art graphics and sound effects.

Live dealer online casino

Live dealer online casino is simply the online casino with the only difference that online games are played with live dealer in real-time manner. It means that video is not recorded it is live and vivid. The live video stream flows into the players' PC with the help of web camera. Players are advised to have speedy internet connection and considerable bandwidth to have no freeze frames and delays in video stream. Live online gaming dealers are real dealers from land casinos and playing occurs in special studios or land-based casinos.

So, what casino to choose in order to gamble successfully? Let's consider the advantages and weak points of each casino type.

Table 1


Land casino

Online casino

Live dealer online casino

Great atmosphere of real gambling experience

Possibility to master the skills and learn new casino games by playing for free/fun

Comfortable gaming conditions with no necessity to make a trip to land casino

Communication and socializing

Great variety of online casinos to play in

Real-time gaming manner with live dealer

Possibilities to meet interesting people from all over the world

Total privacy

Real communication with dealer and players through the webcam and live chat window

Impressing interior designs and unbelievable facades

Players manage their time as they wish, so bets are thought carefully over

Live video stream is not recorded, it is live

Attractive promotions for players

Great bonuses

Players definitely get the feeling of gambling in land casinos as video is taken in special studios or real casinos

Easy to access

Free drinks for all players on the floor

Comfortable gaming conditions (no necessity to make a trip to real casino)

All casino games with dealers can be played in live online mode

Table 2


Land casino

Online casino

Live dealer online casino

No additional bonuses

Feeling of being cheated with random number generator or by the house

No play for free option

No privacy for obvious reasons

Personal information provided to online casino may be stolen by the hackers

Speedy internet connection is required

Limited games variations on offer because of lack of space

Money may be stolen from the online account

Web cam is a must

Lots of pressure during the game (participants, security staff and special devices are constantly watching at each player)

Possibility of not being paid in case of winning by the unfair online casino

Considerable bandwidth is highly required

Not enough time to think carefully about next moves or bets

Lack of real gaming atmosphere and communication when playing online. Moreover, the online gaming does not give the adrenaline rush as land casinos.

A bit of pressure when placing bets as other participants are waiting

Playing with chips hamper the real sense of money (as a result player can waste more money than they expected)

Less time to think over the best comparing to online casinos

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