Cheating Casinos Review

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From the early beginning of the casino gaming industry, players were cheating in casinos with the help of different cheating devices or making up various cheating casinos methods. With the speedy development of internet technologies and online gaming, alongside with sophisticated casinos security, players still tend to cheat and win money in dishonest way!

Cheating easily

In order to make big money the casinos, some players try hard to master their skill and develop their knowledge about games strategies and rules, at the same time others create cheating devices and prefer to learn methods and strategies for cheating. It is becoming quite challenging to cheat as casinos security safety measures are specially designed to spot every player and every move. Nevertheless, the idea of easy money without putting a lot of effort or time to master skills is still highly popular.

Famous cheating casinos methods

Different players cheat differently and the gaming history knows many of the special cheating methods. The most commonly used are:

  • Signaling - this method is popular as players work in team and help each other. They are sitting at one card table but on different ends and signal one another about dealer's hole card. This makes easier to place right bets or make necessary moves. It is the most popular in Blackjack game. Moreover, players working in pairs or in group may count cards together and signal each other. This method is easy to detect with the help of hundreds of cameras on the casino floor.
  • Marking cards - it is the oldest method of cheating. It is possible to win easily if some of the casino employees are working with you. The marked cards are put in the deck and then dealt to players, the cheater spotting the card can make the right decision where and what bets to play. This method is difficult to detect as the marks are almost unnoticeable.
  • Card mixing - this method requires lots of players' skills and they have to mix cards in that way to get necessary and desirable card.
  • Poker signaling - players usually sit at one poker table and signal each other about the cards value. It is hard to detect his method.

Before starting cheating in casinos players have to take into account that there exist severe criminal penalties for such illegal actions, moreover, casinos are more protected nowadays then they were at the past.

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