Review of Cheating In Casino

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Gambling is the most popular entertainment for the adults with interesting history of gambling as well as casino evolution. People love to spend money trying their luck and skills. Modern gaming business brings the highest comfort for the players to be satisfied.

There are various kinds of casinos to suit different tastes and provide players with the best gaming experience ever: traditional land-based casinos, modern online casino and innovative live dealer online casinos. Everything in the gaming industry is concerned about the players but some of them might be ungrateful and try to cheat.

Cheating in casinos

Casinos have always attracted unfair gamblers by the amount of money they deal with every single day. It is thought that cheating is the only way to get money easily and quickly, but it is wrong. Every land or online casino pay lots of money for casinos security measures to be taken to prevent casino crimes.

Cheating in land casinos

Land casino security staff is responsible for keeping order on the floor alongside with security devices such as eye in the sky system. Every corner of casino is protected by either special devices or trained people, so it is quite hard to cheat. Moreover, casino dealers are doing the job perfectly by dealing cards or chips as well as watching players' behavior. Security in casino is of the utmost importance, so be sure that any dishonest move will be noticed. What is more important, there are severe criminal penalties for cheating.

Cheating in online casinos

What is more difficult nowadays is to cheat in the online casinos, as they are perfectly protected by state-of-the-art software systems. Any online software provider tries to increase the casino chances to stay protected from experienced hackers, however there were facts of cheating even in so protected casinos by using different cheating methods.

Casino cheats on players

It may be weird, but in most cases casino itself cheats on players. How is that possible? It is very hard for players to spot the cheating as the dealers and other casino staff is highly experienced. Players can be treated unfair in many different ways:

  • Manipulating the equipment for gaming

Skilled dealers can easily manipulate the deck in the card games. It will be not noticed by players if couple of ten-value cards or low-value cards disappears from the deck, as dealers will remove them unnoticeably, but this will definitely increase the casino house edge over the players. Moreover, the dealers can pick up the cards in a certain order or execute false shuffles.

  • Marking cards

Marked cards are the traditional and most commonly used kind of cheating by both players and casino dealers, but the latter has greater advantage as they control the casino gaming equipment. Tactile and visual cues are used to spot the marked cards and they can increase the house edge for casino or the player.

  • Sleight-of-hand

The cards that were not exposed can be swapped out by both dealers and players. In this kind of cheat players have less advantage as all the casino security devices and staff are watching them.

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