Famous Casino Cheaters

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Cheating was born with gambling. They are always together and even with the most sophisticated security systems and total casino protection, players manage to cheat and win big amounts of money. They can work alone or in pairs, as there are many cheating casinos methods as well as cheating devices. Many cheaters failed to take advantage over the casino, some of them were successful. But there were also those who became famous worldwide.

George Devol

George Devol was one of the greatest poker cheaters in the past. He proved that poker has also weak sides and players can take advantage over them. He tried lots of different cheating methods and was really successful.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

This famous cheater is known worldwide because of his unbelievable success in cheating slots and creating his own team of cheaters. The gang was successful and won lots of money in land casinos all over the USA.

Canada Bill Jones

Bill Jones is the 19th century famous cheater. Playing the card game was his cup of tea and he mastered his skills to play unfair without being caught. Apart from having skilled hands, Bill Jones made many quotations that are still repeated by many players all over the world.

Joe Classon

The New York citizen decided to become rich very easy by cheating casinos and he managed to do that. Joe Classon was the head of one of the most famous pastposting team cheating in craps and blackjack. Both Joe and his team were very highly successful and won lots of money.

Henry Classon

One of the greater cheater, Henry Classon, learned how to cheat in card games being a teenager in New York. Later he developed his skills and became the scare of all American casinos, as he was good at many casino games.

Ron Harris

Ron Harris was skilled at cheating in slots games. He became famous for cheating the Gaming Control Board in Nevada.

Brent Eli Morris

It is not easy to win lots of money with the help of cheating without being detected, so Brent Eli Morris was caught couple of times; however, he was lucky to be released.

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