Casino Etiquette Overview

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Being a casino gambler means that all the game rules are familiar, all the betting strategies are known and the skills are mastered, but what is like to be a successful casino gambler? A successful player is the one who keeps to the unwritten casino rules that make up a whole "science", called casino etiquette.

Casino etiquette can be described as a set of rules and tips for behavior in casinos. Casino is an entertainment institution with interesting casino history, but quite serious and strict rules. What players should and actually must do for being on a good side with the casino? Here are some tips that make players keep to the casino etiquette:

  • It is banned to use any kind of photographic gadgets in the casino, so players should not even take their mobile phones or cameras out of the pocket.
  • It should be taken into account that casino is not a proper place for kids, so if parents want to spend time on the floor, they can do it without their children. It is done to prevent any misbehavior and respect casinos security.
  • In order to be successful when playing, gamblers are advised to clear their heads from all unnecessary staff and problems. The only thing they should care of is to be positive and strive for winning.
  • Players are supposed to be polite and ask before start gaming at the table. If there is a vacant chair it is better to ask before sit down not to hurt anybody.
  • When playing at the table it is advised not to wave money in front of the dealer, as it is simply impolite. Players should be patient and wait until the end of the round and then ask to buy in. moreover, it is banned to hand the money to the dealer.
  • Dealers are working hard to provide players with the best services so it is advisable to tip them after the game. It will show good manners and dealers will definitely remember this token.

These are only the basic casino etiquette rules, but they help you to understand how to behave on the floor. But the most important is to be kind polite and show respect to everyone.

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