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Gaming industry provides players with comfortable gambling conditions, various kinds of casino games that can be played in modern and popular online casinos, traditional land-based casinos, as well as in live dealer online casinos.

The latter has becoming more and more popular worldwide due to lots positive and pleasant offered features. The successful gaming in live casinos depends on the live dealer online casino software provider. Their work determines the quality of gaming. The most reliable are Vuetec, Vig, Playtech and Evolution Gaming.


Playtech is one of the most powerful software providers, established in 1999. Playtech is powering many casinos and is considered to be the strongest software company at the market. Only highly experienced and sophisticated software teams and casino experts are working for Playtech.

Playtech started its business by powering land casinos and gained recognition worldwide. With the speedy development of internet technologies Playtech developed its software platforms for online casinos and added better quality features to the existing ones. Moreover, Playtech developed games in 3D format. After the successful business online, Playtech was a pioneer in powering live dealer online casinos in 2003. It produced the Live Gaming product that gained the world recognition. The Playtech Company is known around the globe for innovative games for live Casinos.


VIG (Visionary iGaming) is famous for promoting one-stop-shopping ability as not every company can offer it to the clients. VIG is the first company to providing people with this option and takes an important role at the market. The company is craving for excellent quality gaming for its clients and provides them with the unique games.

Visionary iGaming is producing software platforms as well as development tools for the online gaming industry.


Vuetec LTD works in the online gaming market, it is considered to be the leading gambling company. Vuetec staff is highly experienced in the gaming field and develops state-of-the-art high-tech products. This staff has been working worldwide in many casinos for more than 70 years.

Vuetec is also powering live casinos with sophisticated games such as baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming company was established in 2006.It is the unique and innovative software company. Their software platforms for live casinos differ from software used by other companies and Evolution Gaming has its own live dealer studios that show the high level of professionalism.

The interesting feature of the Evolution Gaming company is that only those, who have subscribed to its software platform can gamble at the tables. This can be explained by the desire to be unique and have dedicated members.

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