Safe Online Banking Methods

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Online gaming is a very popular alternative to real gambling in brick and mortar casinos. Millions of online players enjoy the comfort that online casinos offer, but still there are players with no experience in online gaming. Why is it so? The fear of losing money when paying online is really big. However the risk is not only because of unfair online casinos, but also the lack of knowledge about safe casino banking options.

It is common knowledge that most online casinos refuse to accept credit cards, so it is advisable for players to use alternative online paying methods to be successful in online gambling. There are many reliable online brokers offering players safe banking transactions. Every online casino should pay close attention to the choice of online payment methods as they are the key to security in casino.

Let's consider the best and the most secure ways to transfer money to online casinos:


American Express (AMEX) is famous and very popular online payment method. It is used mostly in the USA but is also valid in more than a hundred countries, offering quick, safe, secure and easy transactions via Internet. It is a good payment method to deposit in online casinos, as a player just needs to enter the AMEX card details for the money transactions.


NETeller is the highly reputable and reliable online e-wallet. It is very popular throughout the globe, as NETeller company guarantees its customers secure transactions. NETeller has been on the market since 1996 and due to its big experience this e-wallet system deserves respect and can be trusted.


Moneybookers is a famous e-wallet that has more than five million account holders throughout the world. It offers instant and secure money transfers alongside with easy registration. It is the best payment option for Europeans, as Moneybookers is registered in Wales and the UK and offers its clients instant funding, total privacy, easy & simple registration (only with an e-mail address), no fees for withdrawing and take low charges for depositing (1% up to 50 Euros).


EcoCard is simply an electronic prototype of the traditional debit card. It is a virtual card that provides its users with speedy and easy money transactions via Internet. With the help of EcoCard the withdrawing and depositing can be done in no time. The major benefit of Ecocard is that it is not necessary to reveal the banking information when using this virtual debit card which shows the high level of security.

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