Online Casino Evolution

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Online casinos are quite new in the casino gaming business, as they appeared only about ten years ago. The history of gambling is very interesting, but online casino evolution is far more intense and rapid.

With the speedy development of internet technologies, lots of online software providers started developing software platforms for online casinos and online casino games.

Many online casinos wanted to cheat on players as well as offer unfair and poor quality gaming, but luckily, special regulation bodies for monitoring online casinos operation process were created. Casino licensing became one of the most important features that help players to be secure that they gamble in safe online casino.

How did online casinos evolve?

1994 - Legislation acts (the Free Trade & Processing Act Zone) were passed and made online casino existing possible. The legislation outlined the operation process of the online casinos.

1196 - Online casinos accepted real money transfers for the first time thanks to the specially created online cash & gaming program.

1998 - Progressive slots were introduced in online casinos, which attracted even more online players. Moreover, all the kinds of gambling prohibition acts were rejected.

1999 - Online software providers developed the first multiplayer software, which enabled the presence of more than one player at the table and even gave players the possibility to communicate with each other through the online chat windows.

2002 - The first player won more than one million dollars in the online casino. This was the first time in the online gaming history.

2003 - The most important year in the online casinos evolution as the first regulation body eCOGRA was created. eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance made a new turn in the online casinos evolution. Security in casinos as well as quality of online gaming was improved mostly with the help of eCOGRA.

2004 - The USA law concerning the prohibition of online gaming was contested because horse races and land casinos were not prohibited.

Present - Online casinos are prospering with lots of funs around the world. Moreover, online gaming is constantly improving its games quality, software security and allowing players to enjoy many additional features.

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