How to Play Online Slots for Free

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Online slots are some of the most fun, entertaining and thrilling casino games out there. What makes slots so great is the fact that they have all sorts of exciting features and special bonuses; there’s also the fact the number of themes they come in is practically endless. You’ll even find lots of slot games themed after popular TV shows, movies, musical acts and celebrities. If you’re new to the world of online slot machines, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. Before you start to play with real money, you might want to take advantage of free play slots and enjoy them for no extra cost. There are several ways you can play for free, and most online casinos offer plenty of opportunities for it. Here’s a look at how you can play online slots without spending money. 

Demo Play

Most online casinos offer demo modes of games. This lets you play casino games using an unlimited supply of virtual money. You can play as much as you want, without spending a single penny. At some online casinos, you need to create an account and log in before you can play games in demo mode; at others, demo mode is available even if you don’t have an account. When playing in demo mode, games run as usual. Since no real money is involved, you can’t win any real money, nor can you lose any actual money. In other words, if you’ve got money in casino balance, this won’t be affected at all by playing in demo mode. 

Casino Bonuses

Another way to play free slot machines for fun online is to claim casino bonuses. There are two types of bonuses that let you play slots for free. First of all, there’s bonus money. This can be used on most of a casino’s games, including its table and card games. Then there are, which are available on slots only. Sometimes, bonus free spins can only be used on select slots, though at some casinos you can use them on most, if not all, of the slots. Bonus free spins are typically worth a set amount of money each, and your winnings will be limited. Pretty much every casino has promotional offers of some kind; some are more generous with what they offer than others. Before signing up to a casino to play free slot machines for fun, check out the bonuses on offer and see if they’re any good. You can claim free spins and bonus money from casino welcome offers, ongoing and limited-time offers, loyalty schemes and VIP clubs. 

Free Spins Rounds

The majority of online slots have a free spins round. Most of the time, to launch such round, you’ll need to land a certain number of scatter symbols (usually three) anywhere on the reels. Sometimes, you’re given a set number of spins to use; the number of spins often varies depending on the number of scatters you landed. Each spin is typically worth the same amount of money you were betting with before you triggered the feature. Even though the spins don’t cost you anything, you can still win real money. You can earn additional free spins by landing extra scatters. 

Advantages of Free Play

An advantage common to all free slot machine games is that you get to practise without risking your money. Slots are luck-based, and there’s no skill or strategy involved. Even so, it can help to have some free goes, so you can get used to how the slot’s played and how its bonus features work. Another key advantage is that if you’re using a casino bonus, you can still win real money even though you’re playing for free; you can also win if you’re playing a slot’s own bonus spins round. While many enjoy playing slots for the chance of winning money and making profit, some simply enjoy playing them without necessarily gambling. Free play lets you do just that. You can play slots as much as you like and don’t have to gamble your money.

Disadvantages of Free Play

Even though playing slots for free is great, there are a few minor disadvantages. Firstly, if you’re playing in demo mode, you can’t win any actual money. You may land a very good winning combination, but you won’t receive a payout of any kind. Many slots have a that doesn’t have an upper limit and increases every time someone places a bet on the slot. If you’re playing for free, most slots won’t let you win the progressive jackpot. Another disadvantage is that if you’re playing slots with a casino bonus, your winnings will be capped. Your free spins may be restricted to certain slots, or even just one slot in particular; they’ll typically be worth a smaller amount of money as well.


If you’re looking to play free slot machines with free spins, this is easily done. There are countless opportunities to play online slots for free. Make the most of demo mode if you want to play without having to gamble. If you fancy playing and still want the chance to win real money, claim casino bonuses that offer bonus money or free spins. Most slots also have their own free spins round where you can have some extra spins of the reels for no added cost; while using free spins, there’s still the chance to win real money. Sign up to any online casino, and there will no doubt be plenty of opportunities to play free slots. Have some free spins of your favourite online slots or try out some new ones with no-cost spins. 

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