Take a step out of the comfort zone and try some new games

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Sampling the many delights of the casino online world can be difficult when you find particular games you like, and many players tend to stick in their comfort zone and forget about the hundreds of other opportunities to win online.

Popular games such as poker, roulette and blackjack dominate many players’ gaming rituals as they pack huge potential payouts for lucky and skilled contestants.

However, many players are beginning to branch out, away from the stalwart casino games, in search of new forms of entertainment and a lot find what they’re looking for in the arcades.

One of the best-kept secrets in the casino Online community is definitely Sic Bo, derived from the Chinese ‘Two Dice’ but in fact most versions now use three.

The rules are simple and you can try out a couple of demo rounds to get the grips of things before playing for real money. To bet, simply click on an area of the table to add chips and click Roll when you’re ready. Three dice will roll and if you land on the right numbers you could win serious cash.

Betting on a number pays out at evens, while combination bets steadily rise to maximum odds of 180/1 for any triple. A good place to start is betting on double combinations (such as the likelihood of 4 & 5 appearing in the three dice) that pay out at 10/1.

Another fun game that gets you out of your comfort zone is Wild Viking, a hybrid of roulette and poker that needs no skill to master. Simply bet on the outcome of five cards being dealt, with poker bets available for hands from pairs to four-of-a-kind.

While placing a poker bet you can also play the roulette bets. Whatever the last card of the five is – let’s say 4 Hearts – that is the roulette card. So, if you place at bet on it being a Heart, you win at 4/1. If you bet on the 4 Hearts specifically that’s a 52/1 windfall in your pocket.

Games shouldn’t be ignored simply because you’ve never played them before. Remember the first time you played poker or roulette? You didn’t quite know what you were doing but it was fun all the same – so why not relieve that experience here?

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