Poker: Why are Odds so Important?

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Everybody knows that online poker is a game of skill. This is the reason why many novice gamblers avoid the poker table the first several times they enter a casino. They prefer the table games where they’re competing against themselves or the slot machines where they’re competing against a lever. Indeed, there are lots of skills online poker player should obtain to be a king of a poker table. So why are odds so important in poker?

Pot Odds

The question of “why are odds so important?” cannot be successfully answered without first addressing pot odds. Pot odds, simply put, are the ratio of current size of the pot (money available to win) to the projected risk of calling. By understanding pot odds you can roughly calculate the expected value of each hand when you play Texas Holdem for example. By doing this you’ll understand why odds are so important: you’ll be able to see how much you stand to win versus how much you potentially stand to lose. No matter if you want to play in an online casino or at the table, you’re got to know exactly how much risk you’re taking. There are lots of spots where you can test your skills of calculating pot odds playing poker online. We recommend Bovada as a top-notch one, so if you’d like to improve your poker experience, you may just click on the banner below:

Frequency of a Hand

So, when you learn how to play Texas Holdem poker, you understand that your main goal is to get a good hand. Each number of hands can appear a certain number of times in a certain amount of cards. Therefore, you can predict the odds of a certain hand appearing during the course of a game. By ranking from the lowest odds (royal straight flush) to the highest odds (no pair) you can see why odds are so important. You learn what to expect and what not to expect based on of the probability that a certain hand will appear. If you understand odds you’ll definitely learn not to count on a royal straight flush to save you at any given moment.

Short Cuts

By understanding why odds are so important you can open yourself up to discovering short cuts, too. Poker is all about coming to decisions quickly, and if you know the odds you can make snap judgments. Most of online poker US players make such judgments during the game. For instance, such short cuts as the Rule of 2 and 4 allow gives you an opportunity to estimate your chances to win with quite high percentage of probability.


Poker online is a game of skill, but managing your luck is one of that skills. Knowing the odds is the best way to prevent yourself from being surprised at the poker table, and to keep calm and concentrated when bets are made. So next time you asked yourself “Why are odds so important?” remember that knowing them gives you a key to the difference between seeing just five cards on the table and predicting a winning chance for as much as 32%.

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