Overview of Cheating Devices

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Casinos are the most popular entertainment institutions nowadays, and people love playing casino games in order to feel the adrenaline rush and win money. The latter is the biggest desire for most gamblers so it is no weird that there are so many casino crimes.

Casino cheaters are using different cheating devices and techniques in order to increase house edge over casino. It is very difficult to cheat in casinos as casinos security measures are highly sophisticated with lots of specially designed gadgets and security systems, as well as trained staff. Many famous casino cheaters were caught due to security in casino alongside with dealers, pit bosses and managers attention.

Despite the common knowledge that players tend to cheat more often, there are lots of cheating casinos that take advantage of players by unfair gaming process. Nevertheless, players cheating devices are famous for their innovative designs and creativeness.

Cheating devices

Sleight of Hand and Mirrors

This device is mostly used by dealers to see the next card in the shoe, this way dealer can help one of the players to win if they are working together.

Concealed Chip Cup

If a player and a dealer are working together, they can steal chips with this device; this cup is used to place bets without real chips inside. If the bet won, the dealer gives out the chips for winner, if not, dealer can take it and give out to another "accomplice".

Hot dice (Magnetic Dice)

These dice are weighted with special magnets so that the player's number constantly rolls.


These dice have small dots on them so that players can place white dots in such a way that number seven will never roll.

Mercury Loaded Dice

The dice bottom is drilled and weighted with mercury. This make sure that certain number will always roll face up.

Blackjack Card Counting Computer

It is considered to be one of the most complex cheating devices ever. Created by Keith Taft in 1970, it consisted of three pieces counting computer: the belt pack blackjack computer that computed one of the best blackjack strategies using the information sent by a player with the help of the control built into the shoe. Then the decision was sent back to a player by special LED light inside the specially created pair glasses, called Buddy Holly glasses.

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