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Internet technologies have been rapidly developing since the time they were invented. Gambling industry has been also constantly developing and made use of hi-tech technologies by creating online casino as well as live dealer online casino.

The gaming process has opened to the players lots of variations and types of casino games. Players can gamble nowadays online with or without live dealers as well as in traditional land casinos. The most popular game among a great variety of casino games remains blackjack.

Game overview

Blackjack is an ancient card game with quite complicated strategies as well as difficult rules. Blackjack is a game of skill and in order to be successful players should train a lot. Blackjack betting strategies can help to place bets more accurately and try to decide what to do with the given number of cards. There is also illegal method of playing, called "card counting". It is banned in all casinos as when using it players can increase their chances to win over the casino house edge.

Casinos security staff is trained to spot the card counters and do not let them play. That is why many blackjack players love to play in live dealer online casinos as it is easier to count cards and the bets are placed in a less hasty manner.

Live dealer blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is played almost the same as in brick and mortar casinos. The only difference is that the game is played online. How is that possible? Live dealer online casinos provide players with real-time gaming manner with the help of web camera. The video stream is not recorded, it is real. Players can communicate with dealer as well as other participants through the chat window. The video stream is flowing into the players' PCs, so it is advisable to have considerable bandwidth alongside with speedy connection.

Such types of online blackjack game are on offer in live dealer online casinos:

  • Single-player mode -dealer deals with only 1 blackjack hand to one player at once;
  • Multi-player mode - seven players allowed to play at one table;
  • Early payout - kind of "standard blackjack".

It is very easy to start playing in live casinos: the first thing is to register, login, then enter a player's name & live dealer will definitely know that the new player has entered a game and start the game accordingly.

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