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Gambling is popular worldwide with lots of casino types: land casino, online casino and live dealer online casino. But what was the root of the present gambling industry? Land casinos are first and the most important places where gambling was born.

Land casino origin

Casino is the special place that houses many types of gaming activities. They are built in the crowded areas near hotels, shopping malls, at the large cruise ships & other attractions for tourists. Many casinos are famous for hosting concerts, live entertainment shows or even sporting events.

The term "casino"

The term "casino" itself stands for "casa" (house) in the Italian language. Originally, it was the name for country villa or summerhouse. But the time was passing and the word "casino" changed it meaning to the building for pleasure, where different entertainments took place, such as gambling, dancing and music listening.

The first casino appeared in Venice, Italy in 1638. It is still operating.

Casino usage in different countries

Different countries have different attitude towards gambling and many casinos were used in other purposes. For example,

  • The Copenhagen Casino, known worldwide as Denmark landmark, was used as a theatre.
  • In Finland, the Hanko Casino was used as the banquet hall in the 19th century and never for gambling.
  • Catalina Island is famous for Avalon Harbor and has so-called "Casino" that was never used for the nowadays casino purposes.

Casino games

Modern land-based casinos are the most popular pastime for gamblers. They spend there many hours and enjoy the comfortable gaming experience. Casino dealers take a good care of players and casino provide them with a great variety of games skill such as blackjack, baccarat & poker, as well a games of chance as roulette, blackjack online and craps.

Players can win big sums of money, every casino has mathematically calculated odds that casino is always in advantage of players. This advantage is called "house edge". Some games have higher house edge, some have lower, it depends on difficulty of the game.

Gambling in casinos players should keep in mind the casino etiquette and rules not to be added into the blacklist.


Security is of the outmost importance in land casinos, as they deal with lots of money every day. Safety security measures help casinos to protect it from cheating devices, as many unfair players try to get money by cheating casinos.

Land casinos use many modern, state-of-the-art technologies and devices for preventing casino crimes. The most popular are "eye in the sky" systems as well as catwalks in the casino ceiling. That helps in protecting casinos from all kinds of casino cheaters, from amateurs to professionals.

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